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Dedicated to the restoration and future adventures of this Seventies Supersaloon
Supersaloons provided great fun and thrills back in the early Seventies, aided initially by the current R.A.C. Special Saloon Car regulations being relaxed a little, especially regarding future permissible tyre widths. Formula One wheels and tyres quickly became a 'must have' for the
  most powerful cars! Reasonable limitations were imposed regarding engine repositioning - but for Supersaloons the choices of chassis construction, engines, gearboxes, suspension and bodywork materials were entirely free. No "wings"allowed though!

The cars simply had to look like the cars they claimed to be, usually powered by five or six litre V8 engines, resulting in extreme power to weight ratios. It was indeed a great way to go racing - good for the
spectators and magic for the drivers! The little DAF V8 collected several lap records in its time and certainly seemed worthy of a full restoration when the opportunity to reacquire the car arose just four years ago.
The restoration started with the purchase of just the original undamaged DAF shell – all the goodies had been stripped off years ago by others to be used on the more valuable Historic F.1. and F.2. racing cars. The decision was made to rebuild the DAF V8 to as near the exact
original specification as possible so that it would once again be capable of the full original Supersaloon performance. 

We were helped by many talented people, some producing replica parts for us including suspension items, wheels and uprights etc.

One American company even provided us with copies of the original March Engineering 1972 F.2. front wishbone drawings - which was most helpful.

Inevitably this labour of love became a long and expensive exercise with more than a few problems along the way but the end result has indeed made the project really worthwhile.
  The first runs at Bruntingthorpe proved everything worked correctly with no real problems.  Plenty of power with the engine restricted to 5,500 r.p.m whilst being run in; maximum revs thereafter to be limited to 7,000. 

The one notable room for improvement was my chosen spring ratings!

I had set the restored car on the same spring strength as it was in ’73 whereas the great strides
in tyre technology since then now dictate much firmer springing.
With the correct springs fitted the final running and “signing off” has now been completed successfully.

What’s next?  Ideally I would like to share the ownership of this great little car with a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, (possibly but not essentially ex-racers) who would enjoy the idea of driving the car on selected Track Days in good company.  I have no great personal wish to get back into racing, but I would have no objections to others doing just that in the DAF V8, subject of course to the necessary insurances being in place.

As an added bonus my very good friend, ex F.1. driver Mike Wilds, is ready and willing to coach you expertly and safely to reach the performance level you desire. He knows the car intimately, having shared the test and evaluation mileage. Have Fun!

My thoughts are simply as follows.  A Limited Company will be formed with assets comprising the DAF V8 plus the forthcoming transporter and hospitality arrangements.  An equitable value for these assets can be agreed between the Partners and funded accordingly.  The costs of Track Days and general maintenance for the DAF V8, which is of course virtually a brand new car, should be borne fairly in proportion to each Partner’s usage. Each Partner will be welcome to place his chosen personal or business decals on the car.

N.B.   A 40-page illustrated book detailing the DAF V8 history and restoration can be made available to sincere enquirers.

Should these initial proposals be of interest and you would like to play a part in forming the final arrangements, do please drop me a line or call me anytime:

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